Welcome to Bistroteket!

The ambience and the food is personal and unpretentious.
Our kitchen is not ruled by Nordic tendencies, French traditionalism or Spanish temper.
We don’t adhere to a specific dogma, no plushing nor pinching, just clean and pure taste.
We adore the scent of frying butter and freshly mown grass, fish fresh out of the sea, vegetables fresh from the patch, tender steaks and happy guests.
Our food is made the way we love it ourselves.

We are not sommeliers nor the least bit snobbish about wine. We don’t know everything about it – but we adore drinking it – and the gorgeous food to go with it. Skilled people have found great wines for us – and you. We would love to share our joy in wine with you.
We have wine for everyone – right from the straight forward country style wine, to the more complex and layered burgundy wine.
We must enjoy ourselves – welcome in the kitchen!

Thoughts on the menu – Our favorite dishes – and why we love them!
We have chosen not to be constricted by a specific kitchen style or dogma – what’s important to us is the flavor and especially the joy of cooking.
Our base for cooking is a shared joy of the classic French approach to cooking, with depth and layers of flavor with good quality ingredients. We’ll spice it up with our personal touch and what’s important to us.

Our main courses are simply described as ”The Fish” or ”The Ox”, since the dishes change according to season, taste and the mood of the chef.